Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

This 9- week course with classes 2-2.5 hours each with an orientation class and 1 day Silent Retreat in addition to the 8 weeks.

MBSR is an evidence-based experiential learning style program.  It is designed to provide participants with systematic training in mindfulness meditation and movement with ways to integrate these into one’s daily life. It is designed to help support a change in one’s relationship to stress.

MBSR is based on the ancient contemplative practices. In 1979 Jon Kabat Zinn integrated these contemplative practices with western medical approaches.  This type of approach helped patients integrate these practices into their daily lives, cultivating resilience while tapping into their own inner resources.

With over 40 years of research, MBSR is proving to be beneficial in reducing stress and reducing symptoms for both physical and emotional conditions, such as pain, anxiety, depression, elevated blood sugars, and hypertension.  Some of these benefits seem to be long lasting.

This course is appropriate for beginners and anyone who desires to cultivate the capacity to be with stress with changing their relationship to it.  Topics will include:

  • Overview of Mindfulness and Meditation Practices
  • Practices involving Mindful Movement
  • Enhancing the mind-body connection
  • Identifying stressors
  • Cultivating better capacity to be in relationship to stress
  • Finding more balance and how to surf life instead of being overcome by its challenges