Mindfulness 2.0

This is a 4 week 90 minute mindfulness course using one topic or theme as the centerpiece.  Stressors are identified with any possible habit loops around these topics and then tools are introduced with mindfulness exercises and discussions in ways to change one’s relationship to stress.  This type of course may be offered only twice in a year.

Some topics are as follows:

  • Mindfulness Tools: several meditative practices are shared and practiced during the class with discussions of some of the neuroscience behind these practices, uses, and how to incorporate these simple practices into one’s life. This is a great course for a beginner who is just wanting to start a meditation practice but is unsure how to begin. Some of the meditative practices used will be practicing the Body Scan, variety of sitting practices, and some mindful movement.
  • “Saging- As we move through Aging”- A Beginner’s Guide for Aging with Mindfulness: This is a course around transitions through our later years in life.  How do we want to live in this season of life?  What kindnesses are there for the body, the mind, the heart? What are some of the concerns?  How can we be in better relationship through these years, still engaging, as best we can, in meaningful relationships with ourselves and with others?
  • Professional Burnout: This course involves mapping out our professional habit loops both collective workplace ones and individual ones that arise in the workplace. Insights are shared on how our own behavior may be contributing to professional burnout in less than optimal work situations. Discussions will revolve around the possibilities in creating positive change. The benefit of this class is research supports there can still be a personal renewal with individual resiliency, in-spite of work systems that cannot or will not change. This class is especially helpful for those working in healthcare.
  • Beginning Again: This is a course for those who had a formal Mindfulness practice at one time that has faded and they would like to return to regular practice.  This course involves direct experiences in meditative practices with group discussions afterwards.  It is designed for those who would like to “begin again” and re-establish more formal and informal awareness practices. The underlying attitudes of mindfulness will serve as some of the themes used in our time together. The themes used are non-judging, acceptance, patience, beginner’s mind, trust, non-striving, acceptance, letting go, gratitude and generosity.
  • Grief through Loss. This is a gentle course in how to move towards Grief instead of moving in the natural direction of pushing it away. How do we hold ourselves when we experience the loss of a close friend, a loved one, a spouse, a partner, a family member, a beloved pet? Many times there is the tendency to numb or distract ourselves away. Roadblocks get created like resistance that can arise in times of great grief, making the grief more profound. This class will be learning to befriend ourselves with more kindness and curiosity, naming those obstacles and how we can begin to soften around them, returning to a life with more balance and ease.